Baxter P. Pottertown -- The main front man for Lucifer’s Crewcut -- was known for his booming death-growl, and sizzling guitar/vocal solos. He grew up in a small shack situated between a biker tattoo parlor and an acapella choir house. From the beginning he was destined for hardcore greatness. Baxter started the band with his childhood friend Charlie. His death was the first of the complete tragedy that befell this legendary quartet.
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Charlie Garp was the bad boy of the quartet. Known for his violent drinking binges and sizzling guitar vocals, Charlie co-founded the band with Baxter in their early teens. They originally called the band “Spoiled Milk” and had a spooky “death milkman” theme but upon meeting their next band mate they quickly jumped to hardcore barbershop.
Merlin Swanson grew up as the son of a barber and joined the group at the tender age of 18. Merlin’s contribution to the group was his amazing percussion skills, and his barbershop background. His sway to the style of barbershop acapella changed the band forever. Merlin was also known as the only man alive to seven different percussive sounds from his mouth at once.
Clyde Stewart was last to join Lucifer’s Crewcut. He met the band while they were on the barbershop circuit, playing barbershops and salons all over the state. Upon seeing the band during a routine haircut, Clyde was so moved by their performance of Slayer’s “Angel of Death” that he had to audition right then and there. With a vocal bass style rivaling Les Claypool, the virgining band had no choice but to bring him in.