Making a movie about is truly a labor of love. Unfortunately, love can’t pay for all the work, equipment and expertise needed to make a film. That’s why we’re asking for your help! 100% of all donations will go to things like sets, props, and food for our dedicated crew. Anything will help! Not only that, but with any donation of $15 or more, you get awesome stuff in return! You can get all kinds of free Lucifer’s Crewcut merchandise like stickers and autographed photos! Wow!! So check out the cool stuff you can get and help pay tribute to possibly the best and only death metal barbershop quartet ever! Using the button below, you can give any amount you DARE!

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Two ORIGINAL stickers that embody the soul (not literally, those belong to someone else) of the group members. You can slap them on your favorite things to give them extra bling.

What!!! Stickers and a photo ... homage just can't get any better. Your message will reach them beyond the grave, as they would constantly reach out to (and grab and fondle) you when they could.