They were four guys with an adoration for the sweet sounds of barbershop harmonies and a blood lust for the demon growls of death metal. Some claimed they were ahead of their time. Others said they were a disgrace, and possibly retarded. But one fact is clear, they molded a sound and style that influenced some of the greatest rockers of their day. A sound that can only be described as Death Metal Barbershop.
Who's to blame?

Lucifer’s Crewcut memorial film was conceived by the dedicated and demented comedians Robert Selander and Sal Calanni. Sal and Robert have worked together for years, creating golden comedy masterpieces all around the San Francisco Bay Area. They have teamed up with the award winning Purebred Productions... Together they have made a monumental tribute to a unique musical anomaly that might have otherwise been forgotten in the lore of rock legend.

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